Introducing a maestro in browser optimization - reach the zenith of browser performance :
Optimize Home Page
Avoid Hijacking of Browsers
Web Optimizer Pro is the only tool you will ever need to prevent your browsers from being hijacked by third-party applications. To the core, Web Optimizer Pro avoids unwanted changes in your browser settings such as changes in your browser's default search provider, home page, etc.
Optimize Default Search
Surf the Web with Supreme Privacy
Uphold your privacy and protect yourself against potential security threats. Delete some or all of your browser history, i.e. the record of websites visited by you, cache, cookies, etc. to make sure your Internet usage stays confidential.
Remove unwanted toolbar
Remove Unwanted Toolbars
Remove rogue toolbars from your browser so that they don't come back ever. Various programs tend to install some strange add-on toolbar in your browser. These toolbars mess up your browser space as well as response. If an unwanted toolbar appears in your browser, you may disable it using Web Optimizer Pro to enhance the speed and performance of your browser.
Manage Browser
Beautify Browser Performance
Web Optimizer Pro works as a Swiss knife for your browsers, thereby controlling the behavior of your browsers on multiple frontiers. In many ways, it is designed to clean, repair and optimize the overall output of your browsers. It cleans Internet junk files, removes unwanted toolbars, avoids hijacking of your browsers and secures your privacy to make sure you get a pleasant user experience while surfing the web.
Change Default Search
Fix Browser Settings
Your browser settings, at times, get modified by certain unwanted applications. These changes in settings may induce a change in your default search and/or default home page settings for a particular browser. With Web Optimizer Pro, you can make sure no third-party application ever interferes with your browser settings. Also, you can, any time, restore default browser settings for your browser.
Remove Unwanted Add-ons
Clean Sweep Internet Clutter
Web Optimizer Pro is a maestro when it comes to cleaning Internet junk files, stored cache and cookies, etc. to ensure seamless privacy and uninterrupted performance of your browsers.
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