We Care For Your Browsers More Than You Do
  • Manage browser toolbar & add-ons
  • Secure delete personal information
  • Configure default search & default page
  • Speed up browser response
Manage Addons
52,652 Toolbars
removed per month!
Optimize Default Search
1,500 Default Search
Configure per month!
1,650 Default Page
configure per month!
Clean Privacy Data
500 GB Privacy Data
Cleaned per month!
Web Optimizer Pro has made my browsers a whole lot better. Not only the browsers look managed, the performance has also increased by and large. But most importantly, my default search doesn't change every now.

Edword Jacob, Charles Seattle, Canada

Unwanted toolbars and add-ons no longer muck up the speed and performance of my Internet. Really appreciate Web Optimizer Pro for helping me surf the web with comfort and sense of security.

Bobbie, Doune


  • Make sure your default search stays the same, always.
  • Load websites faster than ever - i.e. enhance the response time of your browser.
  • Get rid of unwanted toolbars, add-ons and browser plug-ins that degrade your Internet performance.
  • Make the most of your browser space by managing installed toolbars and add-ons.
  • Secure delete your browser history, cache, cookies, etc. to improve Internet performance.
  • Configure and manage your default search engine and home page.
  • Stay safe against security threats by deleting stored passwords, credit card info, and other personal web form data.
We Provide:

Manage Third Party Addons

Manage Addons
"Web Optimizer Pro is powered by intelligent filters to help you get rid of unwanted toolbars and add-ons that reduce the response time of your browsers along with reducing the amount of space available for your websites to be displayed."

Optimize Default Search

Optimize Default Search
"Fed up of frequent automatic changes in the default search engine of your browser? Switch to Web Optimizer Pro to ensure you have full control on configuring your default search engine."

Clean Privacy Data

Clean Privacy Data
"Web Optimizer Pro securely delete your browser history, stored passwords and form fields to make sure you steer clear of all type of potential security threats.."

Optimize Default Page

"Set your desired website as home page with Web Optimizer Pro.If your browser is ever hijacked, you can restore your default search and home page as recommended by Web Optimizer Pro."
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